Big Data Analytics tools are generally used to provide substantial analysis of a large set of data. It helps to find market insights, trends, customers’ preferences, and diverse information. These tools vary in features, efficiency, and complexity. In this article, I have compiled the top 7 data analytics tools this year.

Here are the top 7 Big Data analytics tools in 2020. 

big data analytics tools
1.  Tableau  

Tableau is a well- known software in the field of data analysis and it’s a good choice for folks with no knowledge of data science, working in businesses across organizations. Although may seem similar to an excel spreadsheet, it has more features and advantages over excel. In Tableau, no more chunk of boring data with its VizQL data visualization technology.  

 Tableau users enjoy the benefit to reuse existing skills in the Big Data(context) settings. It uses standardized SQL to query and interface with Big Data systems thereby making it easy for enterprises to use an existing database to get insights. Tableau allows quick data lookup and analysis by incorporating “Hyper” which is its memory data engine.  You can read more about Tableau here.

2. Zoho Analytics  

One of the notable features of Zoho Analytics is its ease of use. You do not need the help of an IT or data scientist expert to gather information from data. This software has both a spreadsheets style interface and an easy drag and drop interface. Zoho is also by far, one of the top data analytics tools in 2020

In a world of various data sources, Zoho Analytics enables access to a wide array of data storage. Files in your local storage, several important business applications, cloud drives, databases, and custom-built applications are all included. If you are searching for an analytical tool that will give you easy and accessible data insight to every employee/worker in your business, then Zoho is a good fit for you.  

3.Microsoft Power BI  

 A characteristic feature of Microsoft power BI is its ease of use. It has been a choice for analyst companies in the business intelligence field. Over the years, the major differentiator of Power BI is its integration with the Azure Data Lake storage for analysis of advance big data.  It is one of the top big data analytics tools for a while now.

4. Cloudera  

A distinguishing feature of Cloudera is its close ties with the core Hadoop Big Data. It has an intensive understanding and key expertise in Hadoop. Cloudera is a good option for businesses who want to create and process predictive analysis models with several integrated tools.  It is one of the top data analytics tools this year.

5. SAS Visual Analytics  

SAS Institute has been in the analytic marketplace for a long while. It is recognized for deep competence in data analysis. It is suitable for business intelligence and data reports.  

 6. Oracle Analytics Cloud   

Oracle Analytics Cloud is also a big data analytics tool. It is known for its self-service in Big Data Analysis on a consumption usage model. Businesses who are familiar with Oracle tools will likely be the ones most interested in Analytics Cloud offering. Oracle Analytics prides itself on its ability to bring together multiple data sources.  

 7.Hitachi Vantara Pentaho  

Although Hitachi would most likely not be linked with Big Data, its open-source nature is a major differentiator and strength. Hitachi is a good option for a business that has several types of data and big data sources. 

Pentaho users enjoy the ability to ingest and blend data quickly from different sources. 

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