Salesforce is a CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management.  In very simple terms, it is an online tool that helps businesses manage their customer information (basically a database of customers) efficiently. Salesforce is a software for every organization, and in this article, I’m going to tell you why.

Salesforce organizes data into objects and records just like in an excel spreadsheet where objects are like tabs and a record is like a single row of data. It can also be a unified place to do stuff with the company’s information stored on the secured cloud which makes data accessible anywhere and anytime in the world.   

Salesforce: A must-have

Here are some of the reasons why the software is a must-have for every organization:

  • Flexibility in capacity 

One of the most significant unique selling points of the Salesforce platform is its high degree of adaptability. The objects to be found in Salesforce can be set entirely in line with your desires at any time. As a user, you are not tied into certain set page layouts, workflows, and processes, and this makes Salesforce’s ecosystem more flexible than other similar systems on the market.  

  • Security 

Salesforce has some security basics that keep your data secured by authenticating users, giving only users access to the data in the company, also sharing objects and fields while monitoring the organization’s security. 

  • Countless options with various apps 

In addition to the clouds we have designed ourselves, Salesforce’s ecosystem also comprises applications you can purchase through the App Exchange. A major benefit compared to other suppliers, where you must settle for integrated tooling from the same supplier. The AppExchange features all kinds of apps capable of supporting your processes (recruitment, sales, marketing, finance, etc.). It is often the case that these apps have been developed by experts in the relevant fields. Consider Data loader (data import), Mailchimp (e-mail marketing), Grow promoter (NPS research) and Ebsta (integration with Gmail) for example. 

  •  Lead Management can help your company track your leads from clicks, that is from being a prospect to closing the deal, while continually optimizing your campaigns across every channel. Make smarter decisions about where to invest your marketing money, thereby reducing financial loss in your company. 

  • Reports 

Our CRM analytics software keeps you updated with customized sales forecasting reports that you can build with ease. Just drag and drop the fields, filters, groupings, and charts that you want, and get an immediate real-time view. Salesforce can generate 1000+ reports in less than a second with just a few clicks on your data which can save your company from quite several stress and time wastage. 

  • Contact Management 

You can have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Gain insights from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube all right within Salesforce. 

  • Get an accurate view of your entire business with comprehensive forecasts. 

See a complete view of your entire pipeline and your business, and act where necessary. Provide rapid updates to help management make decisions. Then easily apply your judgment to forecasted amounts at the rep, period, and summary levels. You can also view details about any previous adjustments that you or your team provided while leaving the underlying opportunity data intact. 

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