Become a salesforce administrator in 8 weeks

(No previous knowledge or experience is required!)

  • 8 weeks of intensive training
  • 16 Live Classes
  • Real-life Hands On Projects
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Certificate of Completion

Cndro's Salesforce Administrator Training

According to Salesforce, “a Salesforce administrator is a business leader, deeply knowledgeable about how their company operates, intertwined in making all departments successful through process automation, and thus, integral to running a smooth and lean business. Don’t let all those words confuse you. With Salesforce globally known as the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool in the world, there is a steady increase in the demand for professionals who are efficiently skilled in utilizing the software. YOU can be that professional that is highly sought after with Cndro’s Salesforce Administrator Training. At Cndro we want to support you just the way you are, hence, our Salesforce administrator training is created on the assumption that you have no previous knowledge of the subject matter. With an unlimited supply of real life hands-on projects, you can learn Salesforce Administration the right way by implementing all you’ve learned immediately, building a portfolio as you learn. Don’t worry about getting stuck, an entire team of experts are constantly at your disposal, every single time you need them.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Salesforce is one of the most lucrative careers in the world. As at January 4, 2020, the average salary of a Salesforce administrator in the United states was $89,011 per year ( It is big and getting bigger. Having salesforce administration skills shoots you up the career ladder. With an in-depth comprehension of Salesforce, you have the ability to handle clients and prospects demands more productively.

We offer knowledge and experience in one practical package. Our Salesforce administrator training program gives you the opportunity to acquire mastery of one the highest skills in demand, while building your experience in handling actual on-the-job challenges. All at flexible prices.

No prior knowledge or experience with data is needed to take this training program. The program covers every aspect of Salesforce administration from the very beginning. People with backgrounds in varying career fields have taken this program.

System administrators, product managers, IT managers, Sales operators, relationship managers, and every individual looking to build a career in Salesforce can apply for this program.

Cndro's Salesforce administrator training lasts for a duration of 8 weeks.

Cndro's Salesforce administrator training is set to a one-time fee of $1,500; but flexible payment options are available and tailored to fit your budget.

Click the "Enroll Now" button, select the payment option that best suits you and enroll. You're in!!


Our Program includes:

Hands on Tableau projects

Real world Projects

Coupled with the intense and high-level content embedded in the training, real world projects will help you fully master Salesforce Administration.

live classes

Live Classes

Worried about learning with boring texts and long PDFs? Well, don't be. Enjoy an over-the-shoulder experience with our live classes.

one on one technical support

1-on-1 Technical Support

24/7 access to a skilled expert, specially for you to answer all your questions and keep you on the right learning track.

wallet showing payment options

Flexible Payment Options

Get a custom payment plan tailored specially to fit your budget, so you don't miss out on the learning process.


Enrollment and Payment Options

1-time payment

$ 1,500 (charged once)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $1,500 now and no future charges.

2-time payment

$ 850 (charged every 4 weeks)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $850 now and another $850 after 4 weeks.

4-time payment

$ 500 (charged every 2 weeks)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $500 now and $500 three more times, every two weeks.

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