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Cndro's Tableau Training and Certification

Here at Cndro, we highly believe in practicality. Cndro’s Tableau Training is bringing you 8 weeks and 16 classes of practical awesomeness in the world of Tableau, and extra bonus classes were created by Big Data experts to equip you with high level set of skills and understanding of the Tableau software. We are not talking about 16 classes with boring texts and long PDFs, neither are we talking about 16 classes where someone reads a transcript to you in a a monotonous voice, no. We are talking about 16 classes where you get your hands dirty with our Tableau experts solving actual problems in Tableau, while mastering the scope of different data visualization techniques including heat map, waterfall, tree map, Gantt chart, market basket analysis and so much more. Basically, we are talking about a program where you knock your own socks off and take that data analysis bull by the horns in any organization you find yourself. Our training centers are adequately equipped to provide data analytics newbies, minorities, and underprivileged individuals with in-depth training in data analytics using Tableau, with the aim of expanding the scope of opportunities available to them within the industry. To ensure maximum learning, you have access to the Tableau Server for FREE. Here at Cndro, we are all about YOU and making you stand out. With our 24/7 live support, getting stuck anywhere is not a problem. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Tableau training program gives you the opportunity to acquire mastery of one the highest skills in demand, while building your experience in handling actual on-the-job challenges.

No prior knowledge or experience with data is needed to take this training program. The course covers every aspect of Tableau from the very beginning. People with backgrounds in varying career fields have taken this program.

This training is designed for anyone who is interested in having a career in tech. Data scientists, Data analysts, Project managers, IT developers, etc., who want to acquire Tableau skills can also enroll.

Cndro's Tableau Training lasts for a duration of 8 weeks.

Cndro's Tableau Training is set to a one-time fee of $1,600; but flexible payment options are available and tailored to fit your budget.

Click the "Enroll Now" button, select the payment option that best suits you and enroll. You're in!!

Upcoming Tableau Training Cohorts

7th of July, 2020
1st of September, 2020
27th of October, 2020

You can save yourself a spot in our future classes.

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Our Tableau Training includes:

tableau server access

Tableau Server Access

Unlike other Tableau training programs, we provide you with experience in Tableau Server to further increase your proficiency.

Hands on Tableau projects

Real world Projects

Coupled with the intense and high-level content embedded in the training, real world projects will help you fully master the Tableau software.

live classes

Live Classes

Worried about learning with boring texts and long PDFs? Well, don't be. Enjoy an over-the-shoulder experience with our live classes.

one on one technical support

1-on-1 Technical Support

24/7 access to a skilled expert, specially for you to answer all your questions and keep you on the right learning track.

wallet showing payment options

Flexible Payment Options

Get a custom payment plan tailored specially to fit your budget, so you don't miss out on the learning process.

You can save yourself a spot in our future classes.

Call us: +1 (832) 847-7061



Enrollment and Payment Options

1-time payment

$ 1,600 (charged once)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $1,600 now and no future charges.

2-time payment

$ 900 (charged every 4 weeks)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $900 now and another $900 after 4 weeks.

4-time payment

$ 500 (charged every 2 weeks)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $500 now and $500 three more times, every two weeks.

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