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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are tons of organizations that use relational databases, which makes SQL an employable skill for almost everyone. Unlike other programming languages that require high-level conceptual understanding and memorization of the steps needed to perform a task, SQL is applauded for its simplicity by the use of declarative statements. It uses simple language structure with English words that are easy to understand compared to memorizing strings of numbers and letters in other languages. If you are new to programming and the world of data, SQL is the best language to start with.

No prior knowledge or experience with data is needed to take this training program. The course covers the major aspect of SQL from the very beginning. People with backgrounds in varying career fields can take this program.

This training is designed for literally everybody. It is not necessarily for Data scientists, Data analysts, Project managers, IT developers, only.

Cndro's SQL Training lasts for a duration of 8 weeks.

Cndro's SQL Training is set to a one-time fee of $300.

Click the "Enroll Now" button, fill the sign up form, make payment and boom, You're in!!

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Our Training Program includes:

Hands on Tableau projects

Real world Projects

Coupled with the intense and high-level content embedded in the training, real world projects will help you fully master the structured query language.

live classes

Live Classes

Worried about learning with boring texts and long PDFs? Well, don't be. Enjoy an over-the-shoulder experience with our live classes.

one on one technical support

1-on-1 Technical Support

24/7 access to a skilled expert, specially for you to answer all your questions and keep you on the right learning track.

wallet showing payment options

Flexible Payment Options

Get a custom payment plan tailored specially to fit your budget, so you don't miss out on the learning process.


SQL Training Pricing

1-time payment

$ 300
(charged once)
  • Click "Enroll" under this payment option to sign up. You'll be charged the sum of $300 now and no future charges.

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