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Accelerate your company’s competitive edge

Businesses as well as individuals need accurate data analysis not only to solve problems but to improve their productivity and gain a competitive edge. This is particularly important if a business is to succeed. Here at Cndro, we recognize the importance of this and dedicate ourselves to helping you analyze and understand your data. With our adoption of the integrated analytics approach using Tableau and Alteryx, we are able to help our clients make critical future-proof business decisions. Which allows them to increase revenue inflow, develop prudent business strategies and work towards the continuous growth of their business. We utilize Tableau and Alteryx in a way that it also reveals the key performance indicators that would accelerate your company’s competitive edge over others. Our expertise lies in discovering consistent patterns which enable us to make accurate and precise decisions for individuals and businesses through our data analytic software.

Cndro consulting ensures your data is effectively harnessed to maximum value. Our services include

Proof of Concept

We help you evaluate, verify and ensure the plausibility of your ideas for practical implementation.

Server Consulting

Your business has a data storage. We assist you in maximizing the full potentials of this stored data.

Project Planning

Through in-depth analysis of data, Cndro will plan, organize and conduct project activities to ensure its successful completion and execution.

Data Preparation

We help you explore the benefits of Tableau and Alteryx to prepare comprehensive data for your business.

Governance Planning

We help in restricting information access. Your employees will only be able to access the information needed to carry out their duties.

Succession Planning

We help future-proof your business by providing insights to select, train and identify internal members to fill important leadership positions in the organization.

Dashboard Development and Design

We aid in the visual design and presentation of your data in a way that allows you to be able to monitor the analytics metrics, key performance indicators and other important data points for your business.